Alarm System (Blackcat Z Plus LED)

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Product Description

We are providing a range of Alarm System that is appreciated by the clients for protecting home and property with the coded radio frequency transmission. Our range of Alarm System has detectors of room sensor with infra red Technology (PIR), Door Magnetic Sensor and Window Vibration/Cutting Sensor. Offered with low battery alert, these systems are available with battery back up with build in charger. Further, following are the technical features of our range of Alarm System model-Blackcat Z LED:

  • Micro controller based 4/8 zone system.
  • Independent scheduling of each zone
  • User programmable delay setting for each zone.
  • User programmable chime indication.
  • Panic switch for emergency alarm activation.
  • Build in internal hotter/
  • External hotter provision for high decibel alarm.
  • Hotter disconnect sensing
  • Hooter enable/disable & duration setting
  • Telephone based System arming/disarming & Switching1Light arm/disarm
  • Build in auto dialer With 20 sec voice module
  • Announces alarm message to 5 telephone numbers
  • Stops dialing only on receiving confirmation
  • Telephone line monitoring and disconnection alert
  • Keypad / zone tamper detection and alert
  • Optional RF remote provision
  • 24 hour fire / panic zone