Window Cutting Sensor

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Product Description

  • The home security alarm is the future of security, giving instant text and pictures to your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.
  • It will also act as a microphone allowing it to be called and to be listened undetected.
  • It is light and portable, making it easy to move and set up at any desired location.
  • This alarm uses only a SIM card, which can be activated alongside your existing mobile phone, making the running cost virtually negligible.
  • If the home security alarm detects motion, it will automatically send a text message to your mobile phone by a picture message of the area in view, so you can keep up with everything going on.
  • Not only does the alarm responds to motion and infrared ray but can also be programmed to send pictures on a timed basis whenever wanted or when called
  • This home security alarm allows connecting maximum 15 pieces sensors, you can monitoring several area at the same time, excellent performance and reliance.
  • It is mains powered, but also has a battery backup that will last up to 24 hours.
  • Any changes in the power supply and you will be notified by text
  • The home security alarm, because it uses the same GSM technology as your mobile phone, it is simple to use and has virtually endless benefits as a security feature in your home, work place or holiday home.