Wireless Security Alarm System

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Product Description

  • 12-zone (8 wireless and 4 wired), 8 wireless zone can expand up to 24 sensors.
  • Support to CONTACT ID protocol.
  • Access Codes, 1installer code, 1 master code. 8 common user codes and duress code..
  • Dial 5 telephone numbers (mobile and Land Line number). Alarm telephone is priority..
  • Phone line be cut or short-circuit will send an alarm. (Indicator or siren for optional.
  • Remote Arm/Disarm, monitor, and on-site alarm Setup.
  • Automatically learning code between Wireless PIR detector, remote controller and main console (8 wireless can up to 24 zones and 8 remote controllers).
  • Wired zone responds speed (5ms-1000ms) and support (Normal Open, Normal Close and end of line resistance) at freedom..
  • Zone attribute can be program for Fire alarm, Medical alarm, and Emergency alarm at freedom. Each zone can be programmed with different remote controllers..
  • Two timers can be set to Arm/Disarm independently..
  • Voice pre-recorded.
  • Alarm delay (00-99 seconds) and Arm delay (00-99 seconds) can be set for corresponding zones..
  • Main unit disassembly, slave detector disassembly, AC power cut, backup battery lower and slave detector power lower will send alarm..
  • Work with wired/wireless Siren and linkage device..